Your clothes are not there just for aesthetic purposes; more importantly, they should serve as protection of your body. Fashion does not just limit to being stylish, it should also be comfortable.

You may see your favorite football player look dashing in their football gear as they play across the field. You may think that they just pull those outfits to make them look cooler for their fans. Well, you must know that those outfits are not just for style and look.

Every single piece has its own purpose and it’s important that you select the right one that serves its purpose. You wear your gloves to have an added sense of grip. The purpose of your helmet and pads is to give you protection from tackles and hits. Your cleats provide traction for mobility and effective cuts. Under-pad apparels should be no difference.

You can hardly see any professional football players without their compression apparel. They may help these players look better with all these gears and outfits, but they also serve an important purpose. The skin-tight design of compression gear keeps the muscles in place and lessens vibrations during the game.

Choosing the right compression gear is necessary. If you want to maximize your game, wearing the right compression gear can help you improve your performance. They are a perfect example that they are not just created for looks but more importantly to provide comfort and protection to the players.

Before you can choose the right compression gear for you, let’s get to know them even better. There are two basic types of compression gears that are available to football players: integrated and non-integrated. Integrated compression gear has a sleek design thanks to the padding sewn into their structure. This type gives the wearer an extra layer of protection without affecting their mobility. Non-integrated compression gear on the other hand does not have padding and is more of an addition in layers. They still serve their purpose of adding protection to those taking the field.

Integrated Compression

If you’re looking for lightweight apparel yet wants that protection, integrated compression is your best choice. Padding is sewn into these pieces of apparel making them a one-stop shop. You might think that the added padding may limit mobility and compromise comfort just like other padding might, then you are mistaken. Because of the sewn-in protection, players who wear this type of compression can get protection for their vital body parts.

Popular examples of integrated compression gear for football players include pants, girdles, sleeves, shirts and tights. Each of these pieces provides protection at different locations so it’s important that you choose one that provides the optimal coverage in desired spots.

Here are some of your excellent choices for integrated compression gears:

Non-integrated Compression

Some football players find non-integrated compression gears as a smart and comfortable option or their under-pad clothing. These form-fitting garments keep everything in a more streamlined manner and reduce muscle vibrations.

One of the most common problems that players are experiencing when they are doing a lot of running and physical activities is chaffing.  By wearing non-integrated compression gear, players don’t have to suffer from the painful chaffing anymore. The design limits possible rubbing which eliminates chaffing, plus it also serves as an added layer of protection against artificial turf burns and other minor skin abrasions.

Compression shorts, tops, sleeves and tights are examples of non-integrated compression gear.

How do you choose the right compression gear?

For maximum performance, look for the ones that are made of breathable materials and has moisture-wicking technology. It can get really hot in the field, especially when the game is so intense, so wearing a gear that is breathable can help you be more comfortable and keep you cooler. It’s literally a breath of fresh air especially if you are wearing heavy shoulder pads and tons of protective gears that weigh you down.

Cold-Weather Compression

Non-integrated compression gears are perfect on hot summer days. Their breathable and lightweight materials don’t just give you protection but they also keep your body cool from the scorching heat of the sun.

What happens though when cold weather kicks in? Are these breathable gears still your perfect choice?

Football games are happening all year round. Not even the cold weather can stop the athletes from playing in the field. Your gears are still expected to give you protection when the temperature drops. Luckily, you don’t have to ditch all of your compression gears. You can wear cold-weather compression under your padding for warmth and protection.

Before you head out to the store and purchase your cold-weather compression gears, you must know that the level of thermal capabilities is different among models and brands. Do your research first to make sure that you are purchasing the right thermal level according to your playing needs.

Whether you’re trying to slim down your protective equipment or looking a comfortable under-pad garment to beat the cold or heat, compression gear can benefit you in a lot of ways. Give your best performance this football season and start first by choosing the best compression gear for you.

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