If you hear the word football, one of the few things that first come to mind is that it’s a rough sport that involves lots of pushing, tackling and running.

Football definitely ranks on the top list of most physical sports. To be able to survive and excel in this sport, you need to have the strength of a Spartan warrior. You need to bring your full strength and physical prowess every time you enter your field.

Whilst skills and strength are important, it is also very crucial that a football player is wearing the right protective gears. Players have higher risk of getting hurt or being injured in football than any other game. To ensure that you get out of the field unscratched, you must get in with the right football gears.

Football girdle is one of the gears that you should not live without. Wearing the right girdle does not just give you the maximum protection that you need but it also improves your mobility and performance. Read on if you want to know some tips on purchasing the right girdles for you and what are the best ones in the market.

Things to Look for When Buying a Football Girdle

You can’t just walk into the store and purchase the first pair of girdle that you see. Before heading to the checkout counter, make sure that you have a list of the things to look for in a perfect football girdle and that most of these qualities are ticked.

  1. Flexibility – You can’t say that it’s a good girdle if it is not made out of breathable materials that encourage free movement. A good girdle may need to be fitted, but it does need to be too tight. It’s not a good idea to purchase a loose girdle either. A too tight or a too loose girdle will cause too much friction which will require you to make constant adjustment and make your movements uncomfortable.
  2. Weight – A good girdle should not weigh the player down. It should be made of lightweight material that promotes optimal mobility. If it reduces your agility, then don’t even bother purchasing it.
  3. Efficient Moisture-wicking – This is a very important feature that you should not dismiss. A good girdle allows breathability and keeps your body cool and dry.
  4. Anti-Microbial Fabric – Anti-microbial pads ensure that your skin is free from odors. With the element of sweat, dust and moist when playing, you need everything to make you smell as good as a baby.
  5. Adjustable Padding – This feature allows the player to comfortably switch positions in the field. Since each player holds a different role and position in the field, it’s important that a girdle allows for adjustments to the best fittings.
  6. Fitting Size: Buying out of impatience does not always have a happy ending. It is important that you know your size and purchase based on your sizing. Click here to know more about exact sizing and waist measurements.
  7. Nature of the Padding – Since padding serves as the girdle’s main feature, you should ensure that the padding is capable of shock absorbing and is made of premium quality.
  8. Waist Band – A good girdle should have a waist band that allows you to secure and adjust your fitting. Look for the ones that are made of flexible and elastic materials.
  9. Longevity of the Girdle – Aside from comfort and protection, a good girdle should have longevity. It should withstand the daily pressure, wear & tear and other damages.

Best Football Girdles

A good girdle should have flexibility, performance, ability to wick moisture, durability and good quality of the material. Below are the best ones in the market that have a positive track record.

  1. Champro TRI-FLEX-Integrated Football Girdle

This girdle has built in thigh, tail and hip pads. The pads extend above the waist and are well ventilated. The Tri-Flex Integrated Football Girdle has a flexible cushioning system and excellent hard plastic shock plates. Since it is made of Polyester/Spandex material, it provides optimal moisture-wicking for a high level of comfort.

  1. Alleson Athletic Men’s Integrated 7-Padded Football Girdle

It is made of 84% nylon and 16% spandex and has moisture management features. This girdle is breathable, lightweight and flexible thanks to its vented molded EVA pads. Hip pads go up to top of waistband to give players protection from high hip injuries and hip pointers. You can take out the knee pads and choose any size or type of pads you want. You can also take them out to play without the knee pads.

  1. Rawlings Men’s Fgp5-Protective Pant

Rawlings takes pride as one of the best brands in sports equipment and apparel; their girdle holds up to their high standard. It has built in hard pads for the protection of hips, spine and thigh. The crotch area features a pocket for the cup. It is machine washable, even if the pads are sewn into the FGP5. They are pocket-friendly and can last throughout a whole season of practice and games.

  1. Barnett-Padded Compression Shorts

These compression shorts feature protection zones over the tail bone, hips and thighs. It combines comfort, practicality and protection. Its 5 integrated pieces ensure the protection of different parts of the body. It is lightweight and comfortable to use during practice as well as in the match.

  1. Under Armour Men’s UA HeatGear Six Pocket Football Girdle

Under Armour offers one of the best all-around full sizes, 6 pocket girdles in the UA HeatGear series. This girdle delivers superior performance with its strategic ventilation and chafe-free form fitting material.

  1. Champro Man-Up 7 Pad Girdle

The Champro Man-Up 7 Pad Girdle has 7 protection areas which ensure that your body has the ultimate defense against tough contact.Its compression system absorbs impacts in the field to minimize your risk of pain and injury. It strikes the right balance between maximum protection and minimal weight. This gear is ideal for those that need to be able to move quickly and hit hard without sustaining damage.

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