Football is definitely a game that involves a lot of physical activity. Things could get rough when you are in the field. Football players have higher risk of injury compared to other sports. You just can’t bring your skills and physical prowess out there and keep your fingers crossed that you won’t get hurt or injured. Skills and physical strength are not the only factors that you should bring in the field. More importantly, you should bring protection when you enter the game.

Modern technology has created varieties of football gear that offers maximum support and protection to the wearer. One of the gears that you should not be without of is girdle.

What exactly is Football Girdle? 

Football girdles are long shorts that fit snugly to the body; some have slots to place football pads while there are some that have pads built into the shorts themselves. These pads are generally located at thighs, tailbone and hips. Finding the right girdle for you is important to ensure that you are fully protected.

We all know that football is a vigorous game that involves falls, slides and hits. Wearing the right girdle does not only give you protection from pain and injury but it also increases your stability. The popularity of girdle has expanded to other forms of sports such as soccer, skiing, rugby and other extreme sports.

It may not make you look as physically rugged as shoulder pads or helmets do, but the girdle is still essential protection.

The Key Benefits of Girdle

Many football players were not open to the idea of wearing girdles for the fear that it will make them feel uncomfortable in the field. New athletes would have hesitation wearing them as they think that it would affect their mobility and agility. Contrary to popular belief, girdles don’t work this way.

Football players need maximum protection as they have higher risk of injuries. Compression shorts have become popular in the market and so clothing manufacturers have created girdle to feel as a second skin. The girdles fit your thighs perfectly; this gives you the assurance that you can make your move at the highest feel of comfort. Another benefit of wearing girdle is that it reduces cramps which athletes are prone of experiencing.

Players often have hard physical contact with other players in the field. Girdles ensure players that they can give their utmost best in the field without having to worry about the injury and pain. Manufacturers use technology that ensures that player’s private parts are not bumping from side to side.

Football girdles also promote good posture due to the flexible band in the pelvic area. Wearing the right girdles will eliminate back pains as well. They also hold your bones and muscles in place when you are in the field. They are the best gears that absorb forceful impacts and shocks, giving your lower body the maximum protection it needs. While having the best comfort, girdle enhances your performance and mobility hence it is important that you invest in the right products.

How to Choose the Right Girdle

Finding the right girdle does not need to be as complicated as figuring out the answer to a mathematical problem. Choosing the right one for you is actually pretty straightforward. Just as how you choose your pair of jeans, finding the right girdle is based on the size of your waist. Since girdles are designed to stretch and hold the pads tightly to your body, it is important that you find the right waist size of the girdle. As long as you find one that is perfect according to the size of your waist, you are good to go.

4 Most Popular Types of Girdles

  1. Standard Girdles – This traditional girdle design features 5 pockets – 2 hip pockets, 1 tail bone pocket and 2 thigh pockets. Sometimes, an additional 2 pockets for knee pads are included as well. Players must purchase or use league provided pads to insert into the slots.
  2. Integrated Girdles – 5 padding areas are also featured in this type of girdle. However, the padding is permanently sewn into the girdle.
  3. Half Integrated Girdles – A hybrid of the two girdles above, these often feature permanently sewn-in hip and tail bone pads. Thigh pockets are left up for the user to customize with their own thigh pads.
  4. All-in-one Girdles – Unlike in standard girdle where you have to provide your own pads, an all in one girdle comes with a full set of 5 pads.

What are the Best Brands of Football Girdles?

If you are a warrior and constantly in a battlefield, you need to fully equip yourself with all the necessary armors and shields.

Wearing the right girdle is as important as having these armors and shields in the field. You can’t just enter into a clothing shop and purchase the first girdle that crosses your sight though. Before you can choose the right one, it is important that you do your research first as to what type and brand provide the best comfort and protection. There are plenty of choices out there and knowing which brands to look first will give you a head start in your girdle shopping.

There are a lot of affordable and reliable brands that you can choose from. One of the top choice brand of football girdle is Under Armour. Using the perfect texture that feels like a second-skin, you feel fully protected and comfortable.

Another brand is the highly padded McDavid’s Hexpad girdles, which is most popular in the collegiate level. They produce high-grade compression that reduces fatigue and supports muscle. Another popular brand in the US is Adams Young Football Girdle. Their girdle is made lightweight and breathable as they use 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra.

If you’re planning to add to your collection of girdle or it’s your first time purchasing one, it wouldn’t hurt if you chose from one of these brands.

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