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Our club also plans to organize  various children and adult tournaments in Jurmala. 


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  • Let us reflect on our cooperation in the media.

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Top players of the month



Football is my lifeline, and Spartaks is helping me realise my dream of inching closer to my goal. You guys are really supportive, a big thanks for all the assistance you provide!



I want to make a mark in the world of female football. I want to do my best to encourage more and more girls to take up this sport. And Spartaks, this would not be possible without you – thanks a tonne!


The Best Football Clothing Brands in the World

Football, or soccer, as most continue to debate its real name, makes waves all around the world each year. Especially in 2018, with The World Cup being held in Russia and the entire world getting excited about countries like Brazil, Croatia and of course the winner of it all, France.
Even though the world cup only occurs once every four years, each one affects football/ soccer and what exactly it means as a sport to a nation.
That is why, with each passing year and every four years, leading up to the next world cup, more and more brands, specifically in the sports, but also in the fashion industry, has taken note of the commotion caused by it and have even implemented it as a part of today’s pop culture and even their own brands.

A few years ago, it might have been easier to distinguish the best brand in the world, when it comes to football clothing in sports and athleisure wear, but today, they are everywhere. What’s more is, the fashion and sports combination is better than ever before.
The 3 Must-Buy Top Football Clothing Brands


Now, of course, you know who’s the best in football, because if you do not see their brands trademarked logo on the training football shoes of the team players, then you’ve seen them getting involved in sponsorships and advertisements all around the world.
As a German brand, Adidas is considered to be the biggest sportswear manufacturer in all of Europe, as well as most countries in the world. It is true, especially when it comes to football wear. Not only does Adidas offer some of the best quality football sports clothing in the world, but they are specifically known for using advanced technology in manufacturing their sneakers and football athleisure.
It seems like the Germans know their football. Puma is also invented by Germans. In fact, Puma was designed by Rudolf Dassler, the brother of Adolf Dassler, which is the founder of Adidas.
With no regards to its competition, Puma is an amazing brand that specialises in the design and manufacturing of footballs, sports shirts, bags, fitness accessories and their very own football-inspired invented shoes.
Being American and known as the leading rivalry of Adidas, Nike is one of the most popular brands in sportswear in the world. They are also very well known for their extensive ranges of advanced footwear and sneakers, as well as their sports-inspired apparel and accessories.
One of the most famous football players in the world, Cristiano Renaldo has signed a lifetime ambassador contract with the American brand, which makes this brand a major football-oriented brand. Wherever the world cup goes, Nike will follow.











Следующая игра

До встречи в новом сезоне!

Турнирная таблица

Команда             И            О

Ventspils              27           67

Skonto  27           62

Daugava D          27           52

Daugava Rīga     27           48

Liepājas Metalurgs           27           40

FC Jūrmala          27           26

Spartaks Jūrmala              27           25

Jelgava  27           23

METTA/LU          27           19

Ilūkstes NSS        27           12





Футболист          Голы

Артур Карашаускас

(Skonto)               16

Андрей Ковалев

(Daugava D)        16

Валерий Шабала

(Skonto)               15

Мантас Савенас

(Daugava R)        12

Даниил Турков

(Ventspils)           11





RICA vasks vaksacijai. M�jas lapu izstr�de. Interneta veikalu izstr�de. SEO.


Казачок – лучший молодой футболист Латвии




Полузащитник юрмальского “Спартака” Евгений Казачок признан лучшим молодым футболистом уходящего года. Награду вручали президент Федерации Гунтис Индриксонс и главный тренер национальной сборной Марьян Пахарь. В 2013 году Евгений был одним из лидеров нашей команды и сборной U-19, а также дебютировал в олимпийской сборной. Поздравляем и желаем успехов в следующем году!





Итоги Юрия Попкова. Откровенно о сезоне (видео)

От юрмальского дерби одно разочарование

«Спартак» — «Сконто»: достойная игра с вице-лидером

«Спартак» — «Елгава»: голевая засуха прервана

В Лиепае — еще одна неудачная игра


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