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Your Guide in Buying the Perfect Football Gloves

Football is a physical sport. It’s a type of game where players indulge in a lot of running, pushing and bumping. Football players have higher risk of pain and injury compared to other sports so it’s important that they use the maximum gear and equipment for their protection.

Why Should You Wear Football Gloves?

One of the most basic football gear necessities are gloves. The benefit of wearing gloves lies beyond protection. They have been used for football generations for a good reason.

Football gloves add protection on the field and enhance performance. They have technology that help promote a stronger grip that provides an edge whether you’re trying to gain leverage in the trenches or snag a ball out of the air.

They also add a layer of protection to guard against abrasions and cuts on the field. You can give your hardest performance in a high-impact game with a confidence that you are fully protected from pain and injury. The palm material can enhance grip and promote more sure-handed tackles, blocks and receptions.

Differences between Lineman and Receivers Football Gloves

Football gloves protect your hands and give you extra grip to control the ball; resulting to an improvement in your performance on the gridiron. Your needs on the field should determine these variables in choosing your gloves – grip, protection, flexibility, fit and weight.

Receivers Gloves – running backs and receivers need to have hold and control of the ball while remaining agile and light through traffic. Gloves designed for these players should have these features:

  • Extended tack from the palm, around the fingers, and up the thumb
  • Enhanced palm grip
  • Lightweight, flexible construction
  • Light padding on the back hand to protect from impact

Lineman Gloves – Gloves of linemen should be tough since they take the hardest hits on the field. They should be strong enough to protect the player’s hands and fingers from hyperextension, abrasion and damage. Most lineman gloves feature:

  • Heavier, more durable materials than receiver gloves, to withstand more abuse
  • Rigid frames and finger stays to prevent fingers from bending back when holding back the other line
  • Improved palm and backhand padding, to protect from impacts
  • Little to no tackiness in the palm

How to Find the Best Football Gloves?

Before you can find the best gloves for you, you must first understand what you are looking for in a glove. In choosing the type of gloves, you must take into consideration your age, skill set and position. Once you have a clear picture of what you’re looking for, the next thing that you should take into consideration is the kind that gives you the most of what you need within your budget.

Below is your reference to narrow down your list:

What type of grip does each football glove offer?

Different clothing manufacturers design their gloves with different styles and types of palm grip to give you extra control and tackiness of the ball. These various types of grips are almost exclusively designed for receiver glove and produce a slightly different performance depending on durability and conditions:

  • Armour GrabTack – Designed by Under Armour, this type of gloves have palm material which is extended over the thumb for added ball control and extremely sticky grip.
  • Cutters C-Tack – Exclusive to Cutters gloves and one of the most popular and long-lasting grip styles on the field, C-Tack provides permanent tacky grip that actually restores when you wash it.
  • Adidas Seamless Double-Coated High-Gloss Silicone Palm – Found in Adidas football gloves, this palm material provides a solid grip that extends around the thumb.
  • Neumann Tackified Leather Palm – Found in the classic Neumann receiver gloves, this basic leather palm has a tight fit that enables player to have  a natural feel and grip on the ball.

Features to Look for in a Football Gloves

Since football gloves are a necessity, it’s important that you are choosing the best one that offers the maximum protection. Just as how you have a checklist when doing your grocery shopping, you should also create a checklist when you are shopping for the perfect football gloves. This checklist should have the qualities that you must look for in a good football gloves. Below are the features that you should keep an eye on before you head those gloves to the checkout counter:

  • Padding – Lightweight, flexible foam padding in the backhand and palm are typical in advanced lineman gloves, and help soften impacts to protect the hand.
  • Added Ventilation – Modern football gloves have ventilated backhands and utilize mesh between the fingers to improve air flow, dump hot air, and generally keep the hands cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • Aggressive Style – The latest football gloves are coming out in aggressive and incredibly cool styles and colors, with interesting palm configurations. Style is very important because you feel good when you look good. A pair that combines style and function is a good deal.
  • High Quality Materials – Great football should use materials that are of high-quality to withstand all weather conditions. They should be durable enough that you can use them seasons after seasons. . Look for stretchable, synthetic materials with seamless or reinforced seamed construction.

Advanced football gloves provide a variety of additional benefits and features to improve comfort, protect the hands and enhance performance.

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Tips on How to Take Care of Your Football Uniforms

Cleaning your football gear and uniforms could be hard-work. For some, keeping those white jerseys and pants immaculately clean can take up a lot of time and energy. Unless you’re some professional football player who can afford to hire someone to do the dirty work, knowing how to clean and maintain your uniforms and gear is another skill that you must master.

You don’t have to spend your entire Saturday night or skip the whole day of practice just to wash and clean your gears. Below are the tips on how you can easily keep your uniforms look their best and lasting all season.

  1. Know the Material of Your Uniform by Heart

Just as how important it is to get to know your teammates, it’s also as important studying and getting to know what materials your uniforms are made of. You won’t be able to give them the proper care that they need unless you know their composition.

Heavy weight stretchable polyester knit or mesh is one of the most common materials almost every football uniforms are made from. The fabric has stretch to promote mobility and better movement and they are also durable. Surprisingly, they are much easier to care for than cotton. Before you pop them in your washing machine, it is important that you know the right detergent, water temperature and stain removal process to use in this material.

  1. Learn How to Presoak

Most of the players get off the field with a filthy uniform, unless of course you’ve just been riding the bench most of the time.

Presoaking your uniform is an essential step in the overall process of cleaning. After each practice or game, make it a habit to remove as much mud and loose dirt as possible by rinsing off your uniform in a utility sink with cold water.

Then, fill a large plastic storage tub, bucket or sink with warm water and add two or three tablespoons of a heavy duty laundry detergent and one cup of baking soda. Soak your uniform in for at least an hour; you can even soak it overnight to get the best result. The baking soda works in reducing the odor while the detergent removes the dirt and stain. You can apply this technique on white and colored fabrics, though it’s best to use a separate soaking container for whites and colors.

  1. Say No to Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is a big no-no in cleaning uniforms, just how steroids are strictly discouraged in football. Chlorine bleach may be effective in many uses but not for clothing made of polyester fabrics. Next time you’ll be tempted to use it on your uniform, remember that it can do more damage to the material than good.

What alternative you can use to remove those nasty stains and keep your uniform sparkly white?

You can use an all-fabric or oxygen-based bleach instead. They are safe to use on white uniform shirts or pants with colored stripes or lettering. Let your uniform soak for at least an hour to overnight.

  1. Wash Individually

You may have used to the spirit of teamwork in football but this is not applicable when it comes to cleaning your uniforms. You should give your uniforms alone time in the washing machine; never wash them with other clothes. Many of our clothing are made of cotton material that can easily cling to the numbers and letters on your jersey. You may have tons of laundry to do aside from your uniforms, but the rest of them can wait while you’re taking your sweetest time cleaning your most precious uniforms.

  1. Never Use the Dryer

If you think that your uniforms have handled the heat on the field so they can handle the heat of the dryer too, then you are thinking wrong. Putting your sports uniform in a dryer is a big no-no.

There are many cons in putting them in a dryer than pros. First, high heat can destroy screen-printed lettering and numbers. It can also cause shrinkage and color fading. Use the old-school method of drying your clothes instead. Hang the uniform to air dry away from direct sunlight.

  1. Learn How to Remove Stains Effectively

Let’s face it; stain is a part of your career as a football player. A stain-clad uniform is like your battle scars; it only means that you’ve had a good game and you gave your best on that game.

If you are faced with a dilemma of using hot or cold water for stain removal, always go for cold water. Hot water will only give you a hard time in removing those stains as it sets the stain into your clothing.  Presoaking would usually remove the stain but if they are very stubborn, rub in a bit of extra detergent or use a stain remover before you put it into wash.

Sweat, blood, grass and mud are the most common stains in a football player’s uniform. Some stain removals have harsh chemicals that can potentially damage your clothing. You can use these natural laundry stain removers instead:

  • Distilled white vinegar – It is inexpensive, gentle on fabrics and safer to use than chlorine bleach and fabric softeners. Remove those stubborn yellow underarm perspiration stain and odor with white vinegar.
  • Baking soda – Baking soda has so many uses and one of them is removing stain effectively and safely. It’s inexpensive and highly available. It will help reduce the odor and keep your uniform smelling fresh.
  • Lemon or lime juice – Due to its acetic acid, fresh or bottled 100 percent real lemon or lime juice has a natural bleaching action on fabrics. Remove the stain before it causes permanent damage on your uniform with lemon or lime juice. It is also effective in removing underarm stains.

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Taking care of your uniforms and gears is very important. Learn more useful tips about football gears and how to take care of them here.

6 Essential Gears for Football Players

Football is a sport that requires practice and skills. If you want to become a great football player, you need to invest lots of time in practicing your skill and live a healthy lifestyle for your overall wellness. Skills and physical prowess are not the only important factors in this sport though. You also need proper protection when you are in the field. Wearing the right gear does not only give you the maximum protection against injury, it also improves your mobility and performance.

So what gears should a football player wear while playing in the field?

Below is the list of necessary gears that all football players must wear to ensure maximum protection.

  1. Helmet

Our head is the most important part of our body. A lot of head injuries could potentially leave us paralyzed and even dead. Going to practice or game without a helmet is like heading on to a mountain-high rock and banging your head on it.

There are two types of football helmet that give maximum protection to the head – suspension helmets and head-air helmets. Regardless of what type you choose, you must wear them in the fields at all time.

The inner lining of the suspension helmet is made of a thick padded material while the fit of the helmet is adjustable using the chinstrap. The air helmet, on the other hand, uses an inflatable device that is adjustable based on the size and shape of the player’s head. To adjust the fit, you either tighten the chinstrap or inflate or deflate the helmet.

Whichever type you choose, make sure that it fits snuggly on your head.

  1. Facemask

Just as the name implies, the face mask gives protection to the face of the player. It is made of steel covered in plastic and it looks like a cage on the front of the helmet. The position of the player determines the type of facemask that he should wear.

The two-bar box cage facemask is always the preference of wide receivers, defensive backs and quarterbacks. The four-bar closed cage facemask, on the other hand, is what’s always used by line backers, tight ends and running backs because it offers more protection from blocking and hitting. The full mask has six bars and it provides maximum protection but limited vision. Defensive and offensive linemen tend to prefer this type of facemask because they always encounter hard and close contact with other players.

  1. Shoulder Pads

There are a wide variety of shoulder pads to accommodate the position and size of the player. In choosing your shoulder pads, make sure that it fits on you properly and correctly every time you are wearing them. They should also be non-restrictive and comfortable. Fasten all buckles and straps and wear the additional accessories such as shock pads, cowboy collars and neck rolls to prevent injury.

  1. Mouth Guard

All players, regardless of their position, are required to wear a mouth guard but it’s up to you what style you would wear.

There are 3 types of mouth guards that you can choose from – basic, boxer type and the lip guard. The basic mouth guard is attached to the facemask by a strap and it gives protection on your teeth. The boxer style is strapless and fits into the mouth to protect the teeth. Most kids prefer this type because when they are not using it, they can wedge their mouth guard between the helmet and the facemask, just like how the pros do. The lip guard is attached to the facemask with a strap and protects the teeth as well as the lips.

  1. Football Cleats

It is essential that the football shoes that you are wearing should be sturdy, comfortable and appropriate to any level of football. Football shoes have three different types – low-tops, mid-highs and high-tops. Low-top cleats provide greater mobility but do not offer much stability around the ankle which is why this type is not ideal for younger players. Mid-highs and high-tops lower the risk of injury as they support the ankle.

All three types offer screw-in cleat bottoms or molded bottoms. Football players between 6-12 years old should have molded cleat bottoms while those that are older can select either using the molded bottoms or the screw-in cleats.

Shoes can literally take us everywhere. Wearing the right football shoes will take you a step closer to your dream of becoming the greatest football player.

  1. Footballs

The type of football to use is determined by the age of the player. It is important that you use the right kind of football certified for the level of play.

Use the below as the basis of what type of football to use according to the age of the player.

  • Ages 6 to 8: Smaller footballs made of rubber are recommended to be used for players of this age bracket. The size of this ball will make the kids to easily throw and catch the ball. It’s perfect for small hands to get ahold of the ball and the rubber material makes it easier to grip it even in wet climates.
  • Ages 9 to 12: a slightly larger ball with materials made of leather and rubber is recommended. This football is specifically designed for players that have medium-sized hands.
  • Ages 13 and older: A ball made of leather is recommended. College football players use a larger football, just a size smaller than what professional NFL players are using.

Football is a tough sport; some would even consider it as an extreme sport. With all those running, pushing and bumping into each other, players have higher risk of being injured or getting out of the field with a broken bone. But thanks to technology, a lot of clothing manufacturing brands has been devoted to deliver the best quality of gears. Before you start your practice, make sure that you have all of these items ticked on your list of to buy things.

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Tips on How to Find the Right Football Girdle

If you hear the word football, one of the few things that first come to mind is that it’s a rough sport that involves lots of pushing, tackling and running.

Football definitely ranks on the top list of most physical sports. To be able to survive and excel in this sport, you need to have the strength of a Spartan warrior. You need to bring your full strength and physical prowess every time you enter your field.

Whilst skills and strength are important, it is also very crucial that a football player is wearing the right protective gears. Players have higher risk of getting hurt or being injured in football than any other game. To ensure that you get out of the field unscratched, you must get in with the right football gears.

Football girdle is one of the gears that you should not live without. Wearing the right girdle does not just give you the maximum protection that you need but it also improves your mobility and performance. Read on if you want to know some tips on purchasing the right girdles for you and what are the best ones in the market.

Things to Look for When Buying a Football Girdle

You can’t just walk into the store and purchase the first pair of girdle that you see. Before heading to the checkout counter, make sure that you have a list of the things to look for in a perfect football girdle and that most of these qualities are ticked.

  1. Flexibility – You can’t say that it’s a good girdle if it is not made out of breathable materials that encourage free movement. A good girdle may need to be fitted, but it does need to be too tight. It’s not a good idea to purchase a loose girdle either. A too tight or a too loose girdle will cause too much friction which will require you to make constant adjustment and make your movements uncomfortable.
  2. Weight – A good girdle should not weigh the player down. It should be made of lightweight material that promotes optimal mobility. If it reduces your agility, then don’t even bother purchasing it.
  3. Efficient Moisture-wicking – This is a very important feature that you should not dismiss. A good girdle allows breathability and keeps your body cool and dry.
  4. Anti-Microbial Fabric – Anti-microbial pads ensure that your skin is free from odors. With the element of sweat, dust and moist when playing, you need everything to make you smell as good as a baby.
  5. Adjustable Padding – This feature allows the player to comfortably switch positions in the field. Since each player holds a different role and position in the field, it’s important that a girdle allows for adjustments to the best fittings.
  6. Fitting Size: Buying out of impatience does not always have a happy ending. It is important that you know your size and purchase based on your sizing. Click here to know more about exact sizing and waist measurements.
  7. Nature of the Padding – Since padding serves as the girdle’s main feature, you should ensure that the padding is capable of shock absorbing and is made of premium quality.
  8. Waist Band – A good girdle should have a waist band that allows you to secure and adjust your fitting. Look for the ones that are made of flexible and elastic materials.
  9. Longevity of the Girdle – Aside from comfort and protection, a good girdle should have longevity. It should withstand the daily pressure, wear & tear and other damages.

Best Football Girdles

A good girdle should have flexibility, performance, ability to wick moisture, durability and good quality of the material. Below are the best ones in the market that have a positive track record.

  1. Champro TRI-FLEX-Integrated Football Girdle

This girdle has built in thigh, tail and hip pads. The pads extend above the waist and are well ventilated. The Tri-Flex Integrated Football Girdle has a flexible cushioning system and excellent hard plastic shock plates. Since it is made of Polyester/Spandex material, it provides optimal moisture-wicking for a high level of comfort.

  1. Alleson Athletic Men’s Integrated 7-Padded Football Girdle

It is made of 84% nylon and 16% spandex and has moisture management features. This girdle is breathable, lightweight and flexible thanks to its vented molded EVA pads. Hip pads go up to top of waistband to give players protection from high hip injuries and hip pointers. You can take out the knee pads and choose any size or type of pads you want. You can also take them out to play without the knee pads.

  1. Rawlings Men’s Fgp5-Protective Pant

Rawlings takes pride as one of the best brands in sports equipment and apparel; their girdle holds up to their high standard. It has built in hard pads for the protection of hips, spine and thigh. The crotch area features a pocket for the cup. It is machine washable, even if the pads are sewn into the FGP5. They are pocket-friendly and can last throughout a whole season of practice and games.

  1. Barnett-Padded Compression Shorts

These compression shorts feature protection zones over the tail bone, hips and thighs. It combines comfort, practicality and protection. Its 5 integrated pieces ensure the protection of different parts of the body. It is lightweight and comfortable to use during practice as well as in the match.

  1. Under Armour Men’s UA HeatGear Six Pocket Football Girdle

Under Armour offers one of the best all-around full sizes, 6 pocket girdles in the UA HeatGear series. This girdle delivers superior performance with its strategic ventilation and chafe-free form fitting material.

  1. Champro Man-Up 7 Pad Girdle

The Champro Man-Up 7 Pad Girdle has 7 protection areas which ensure that your body has the ultimate defense against tough contact.Its compression system absorbs impacts in the field to minimize your risk of pain and injury. It strikes the right balance between maximum protection and minimal weight. This gear is ideal for those that need to be able to move quickly and hit hard without sustaining damage.

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Football Girdle – A Basic Necessity for Football Players

Football is definitely a game that involves a lot of physical activity. Things could get rough when you are in the field. Football players have higher risk of injury compared to other sports. You just can’t bring your skills and physical prowess out there and keep your fingers crossed that you won’t get hurt or injured. Skills and physical strength are not the only factors that you should bring in the field. More importantly, you should bring protection when you enter the game.

Modern technology has created varieties of football gear that offers maximum support and protection to the wearer. One of the gears that you should not be without of is girdle.

What exactly is Football Girdle? 

Football girdles are long shorts that fit snugly to the body; some have slots to place football pads while there are some that have pads built into the shorts themselves. These pads are generally located at thighs, tailbone and hips. Finding the right girdle for you is important to ensure that you are fully protected.

We all know that football is a vigorous game that involves falls, slides and hits. Wearing the right girdle does not only give you protection from pain and injury but it also increases your stability. The popularity of girdle has expanded to other forms of sports such as soccer, skiing, rugby and other extreme sports.

It may not make you look as physically rugged as shoulder pads or helmets do, but the girdle is still essential protection.

The Key Benefits of Girdle

Many football players were not open to the idea of wearing girdles for the fear that it will make them feel uncomfortable in the field. New athletes would have hesitation wearing them as they think that it would affect their mobility and agility. Contrary to popular belief, girdles don’t work this way.

Football players need maximum protection as they have higher risk of injuries. Compression shorts have become popular in the market and so clothing manufacturers have created girdle to feel as a second skin. The girdles fit your thighs perfectly; this gives you the assurance that you can make your move at the highest feel of comfort. Another benefit of wearing girdle is that it reduces cramps which athletes are prone of experiencing.

Players often have hard physical contact with other players in the field. Girdles ensure players that they can give their utmost best in the field without having to worry about the injury and pain. Manufacturers use technology that ensures that player’s private parts are not bumping from side to side.

Football girdles also promote good posture due to the flexible band in the pelvic area. Wearing the right girdles will eliminate back pains as well. They also hold your bones and muscles in place when you are in the field. They are the best gears that absorb forceful impacts and shocks, giving your lower body the maximum protection it needs. While having the best comfort, girdle enhances your performance and mobility hence it is important that you invest in the right products.

How to Choose the Right Girdle

Finding the right girdle does not need to be as complicated as figuring out the answer to a mathematical problem. Choosing the right one for you is actually pretty straightforward. Just as how you choose your pair of jeans, finding the right girdle is based on the size of your waist. Since girdles are designed to stretch and hold the pads tightly to your body, it is important that you find the right waist size of the girdle. As long as you find one that is perfect according to the size of your waist, you are good to go.

4 Most Popular Types of Girdles

  1. Standard Girdles – This traditional girdle design features 5 pockets – 2 hip pockets, 1 tail bone pocket and 2 thigh pockets. Sometimes, an additional 2 pockets for knee pads are included as well. Players must purchase or use league provided pads to insert into the slots.
  2. Integrated Girdles – 5 padding areas are also featured in this type of girdle. However, the padding is permanently sewn into the girdle.
  3. Half Integrated Girdles – A hybrid of the two girdles above, these often feature permanently sewn-in hip and tail bone pads. Thigh pockets are left up for the user to customize with their own thigh pads.
  4. All-in-one Girdles – Unlike in standard girdle where you have to provide your own pads, an all in one girdle comes with a full set of 5 pads.

What are the Best Brands of Football Girdles?

If you are a warrior and constantly in a battlefield, you need to fully equip yourself with all the necessary armors and shields.

Wearing the right girdle is as important as having these armors and shields in the field. You can’t just enter into a clothing shop and purchase the first girdle that crosses your sight though. Before you can choose the right one, it is important that you do your research first as to what type and brand provide the best comfort and protection. There are plenty of choices out there and knowing which brands to look first will give you a head start in your girdle shopping.

There are a lot of affordable and reliable brands that you can choose from. One of the top choice brand of football girdle is Under Armour. Using the perfect texture that feels like a second-skin, you feel fully protected and comfortable.

Another brand is the highly padded McDavid’s Hexpad girdles, which is most popular in the collegiate level. They produce high-grade compression that reduces fatigue and supports muscle. Another popular brand in the US is Adams Young Football Girdle. Their girdle is made lightweight and breathable as they use 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra.

If you’re planning to add to your collection of girdle or it’s your first time purchasing one, it wouldn’t hurt if you chose from one of these brands.

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Your Guide in Choosing the Right Compression Gear

Your clothes are not there just for aesthetic purposes; more importantly, they should serve as protection of your body. Fashion does not just limit to being stylish, it should also be comfortable.

You may see your favorite football player look dashing in their football gear as they play across the field. You may think that they just pull those outfits to make them look cooler for their fans. Well, you must know that those outfits are not just for style and look.

Every single piece has its own purpose and it’s important that you select the right one that serves its purpose. You wear your gloves to have an added sense of grip. The purpose of your helmet and pads is to give you protection from tackles and hits. Your cleats provide traction for mobility and effective cuts. Under-pad apparels should be no difference.

You can hardly see any professional football players without their compression apparel. They may help these players look better with all these gears and outfits, but they also serve an important purpose. The skin-tight design of compression gear keeps the muscles in place and lessens vibrations during the game.

Choosing the right compression gear is necessary. If you want to maximize your game, wearing the right compression gear can help you improve your performance. They are a perfect example that they are not just created for looks but more importantly to provide comfort and protection to the players.

Before you can choose the right compression gear for you, let’s get to know them even better. There are two basic types of compression gears that are available to football players: integrated and non-integrated. Integrated compression gear has a sleek design thanks to the padding sewn into their structure. This type gives the wearer an extra layer of protection without affecting their mobility. Non-integrated compression gear on the other hand does not have padding and is more of an addition in layers. They still serve their purpose of adding protection to those taking the field.

Integrated Compression

If you’re looking for lightweight apparel yet wants that protection, integrated compression is your best choice. Padding is sewn into these pieces of apparel making them a one-stop shop. You might think that the added padding may limit mobility and compromise comfort just like other padding might, then you are mistaken. Because of the sewn-in protection, players who wear this type of compression can get protection for their vital body parts.

Popular examples of integrated compression gear for football players include pants, girdles, sleeves, shirts and tights. Each of these pieces provides protection at different locations so it’s important that you choose one that provides the optimal coverage in desired spots.

Here are some of your excellent choices for integrated compression gears:

Non-integrated Compression

Some football players find non-integrated compression gears as a smart and comfortable option or their under-pad clothing. These form-fitting garments keep everything in a more streamlined manner and reduce muscle vibrations.

One of the most common problems that players are experiencing when they are doing a lot of running and physical activities is chaffing.  By wearing non-integrated compression gear, players don’t have to suffer from the painful chaffing anymore. The design limits possible rubbing which eliminates chaffing, plus it also serves as an added layer of protection against artificial turf burns and other minor skin abrasions.

Compression shorts, tops, sleeves and tights are examples of non-integrated compression gear.

How do you choose the right compression gear?

For maximum performance, look for the ones that are made of breathable materials and has moisture-wicking technology. It can get really hot in the field, especially when the game is so intense, so wearing a gear that is breathable can help you be more comfortable and keep you cooler. It’s literally a breath of fresh air especially if you are wearing heavy shoulder pads and tons of protective gears that weigh you down.

Cold-Weather Compression

Non-integrated compression gears are perfect on hot summer days. Their breathable and lightweight materials don’t just give you protection but they also keep your body cool from the scorching heat of the sun.

What happens though when cold weather kicks in? Are these breathable gears still your perfect choice?

Football games are happening all year round. Not even the cold weather can stop the athletes from playing in the field. Your gears are still expected to give you protection when the temperature drops. Luckily, you don’t have to ditch all of your compression gears. You can wear cold-weather compression under your padding for warmth and protection.

Before you head out to the store and purchase your cold-weather compression gears, you must know that the level of thermal capabilities is different among models and brands. Do your research first to make sure that you are purchasing the right thermal level according to your playing needs.

Whether you’re trying to slim down your protective equipment or looking a comfortable under-pad garment to beat the cold or heat, compression gear can benefit you in a lot of ways. Give your best performance this football season and start first by choosing the best compression gear for you.

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Top Clothing Sponsors in 2018 World Cup

Football fans all over the world will have to wait for another 4 years to witness the next World Cup. This monumental football tournament showcases exciting and jaw-dropping game from your favorite football teams and players.

Whilst fans are looking forward to the games itself, commercial brands are looking forward to this event to maximize the marketing of their products. With millions of eyes watching the event, it’s a great opportunity to advertise their services and increase their sales and revenues. As an example, Nike increased its marketing spend by 36 percent to $876 million ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

FIFA, football’s international governing body, organizes the tournament. Sponsorship by brands is broken down into three tiers: partners, sponsors and regional sponsors. Partners get prime billing at the World Cup as they work with the organization at all level of the games all year round. Sponsors are smaller Confederations Cup only while regional sponsors are a slate of smaller organizations taken from different region.

Below are the big brands that dominated the sponsorships of World Cup 2018 in Russia.

  1. Adidas

Athletes:  Luis Suarez, Mesut Özil, Mohamed Salah, Paul Pogba, Lionel Messi

Teams:Colombia,  Mexico,Egypt, Japan, Morocco, Iran, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Russia

Having signed 12 teams for sponsorship, Adidas is the running lead in the 2018 World Cup Season. They even managed to be ahead of Nike’s 10 teams. Their infamous Three Stripes logo was worn by all-time favorites Spain, Argentina and Germany and even the host country Russia. Iran may also be wearing Adidas, but the company did not sponsor this team, instead they sold their clothing to this team at a discounted price.

Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted told Marketing Week, “We see this as a brand-building event. The direct financing impact is limited and the football has over time, relative to the size of the company, become a small event from a financial standpoint — but not from a brand standpoint.”

Adidas’ crown jewels are club giants like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United and the German national team. Last year, the brand signed worth approximately $57 million per year contract until 2022 with the German Football Association (DFB). This surpassed the $50 million Nike deal with the French national team, making it biggest national team deal in the world.

Aside from Messi, Paul Pogba was another talent that Adidas put a high investment on. They gave the France and Manchester United midfielder his own clothing line with street culture and high-end fashion as an inspiration. Pogba is a marketer’s dream with his celebratory dance moves, eye-catching playing style and flamboyant hairstyles.

Adidas was successful during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Germany did not only win the tournament but brand endorsers Colombia’s James Rodriguez grabbed the golden boot (top scorer) awards while Messi scooped the golden ball (best player)

Just as how M88 dominates Asia’s online betting and gaming site, Adidas was also dominating the most recent World Cup tournament.

  1. Nike

Athletes: Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappé, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo

Teams: France,Portugal, England, Nigeria,  South Korea, Poland, Australia, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil

They may not have superstars Pogba or Messi, but Nike has the highest paid football player of 2018 Ronaldo. Plus, they also have Neymar under their wing. They also have the Nigeria national team where they make a record-breaking jersey pre-order of 3 million due to the team’s beautiful World Cup uniform. Virgil Abloh is another key player for the brand.

Ronaldo is a one-man marketing juggernaut, having 127 million Instagram followers. His “Just Do It” sketch posted on his Instagram got over 1.7 million “likes” and more than 12,000 comments. It $5.8 million in media value for Nike.

  1. PUMA

Athletes: Marco Reus, Sergio Aguero, Olivier Giroud, Antoine Griezmann

Teams: Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland , Uruguay

PUMA has worked so hard to be on the top of World Cup sponsorship; they spent tons of money to close a deal with with European club giants such as  Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal. PUMA may not have acquired the same stature as Adidas or Nike when it comes to football, but they definitely working hard to get there.

The 2018 World Cup was not the best season for Puma though. It’s quite unfortunate that three of their major African teams, Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast did not make the cut. Veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and his heir apparent Gianluigi Donnarumma were both absent in Russia.

Down from eight at Brazil 2014, Puma will be the sponsor of uniforms for 4 teams, having recently added Serbia and Senegal to its roster post-qualifiers. Uruguay and Switxerland are the other two teams.


Outside of the big three – Adidas, Nike and Puma – the next question boils down to what brand other players will be wearing. It’s the same story uniform-wise with the other brands that will be featured in the tournament – Uhlsport (Tunisia) , Erreà (Iceland), Umbro (Peru), Hummel (Denmark) and New Balance (Costa Rica, Panama).

In the field of basketball, Under Armour built its entire basketball footwear division around superstar Stephen Curry. It seems to be a wise move since Curry’s million followers patronized the line of shoes as well. They have yet to choose a player of the same caliber in the field of football. Three of the brand’s notable representatives in Russia – Bayer Leverkusen and Germany defender Jonathan Tah, Liverpool’s rookie England full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold and Arsenal’s Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka – are yet to match Curry’s strong media presence.

Under Armor may not have to wait long before they can add superstar football player to its ranks. After all, they have spent millions of dollars to secure a deal with top college sports programs and signed up great players such as golfer Jordan Spieth, tennis star Andy Murray, British boxer Anthony Joshua and Tom Brady. The brand seems to keep its focus in making its strong impression in the game.

Pirma, Umbro, Mizuno, Asics and Lotto are the other brands to have athlete endorsements at the World Cup.

Click here for more information about clothing brands that dominate the world of football.

The Best Football Clothing Brands in the World

Football, or soccer, as most continue to debate its real name, makes waves all around the world each year. Especially in 2018, with The World Cup being held in Russia and the entire world getting excited about countries like Brazil, Croatia and of course the winner of it all, France.
Even though the world cup only occurs once every four years, each one affects football/ soccer and what exactly it means as a sport to a nation.
That is why, with each passing year and every four years, leading up to the next world cup, more and more brands, specifically in the sports, but also in the fashion industry, has taken note of the commotion caused by it and have even implemented it as a part of today’s pop culture and even their own brands.

A few years ago, it might have been easier to distinguish the best brand in the world, when it comes to football clothing in sports and athleisure wear, but today, they are everywhere. What’s more is, the fashion and sports combination is better than ever before.
The 3 Must-Buy Top Football Clothing Brands


Now, of course, you know who’s the best in football, because if you do not see their brands trademarked logo on the training football shoes of the team players, then you’ve seen them getting involved in sponsorships and advertisements all around the world.
As a German brand, Adidas is considered to be the biggest sportswear manufacturer in all of Europe, as well as most countries in the world. It is true, especially when it comes to football wear. Not only does Adidas offer some of the best quality football sports clothing in the world, but they are specifically known for using advanced technology in manufacturing their sneakers and football athleisure.
It seems like the Germans know their football. Puma is also invented by Germans. In fact, Puma was designed by Rudolf Dassler, the brother of Adolf Dassler, which is the founder of Adidas.
With no regards to its competition, Puma is an amazing brand that specialises in the design and manufacturing of footballs, sports shirts, bags, fitness accessories and their very own football-inspired invented shoes.
Being American and known as the leading rivalry of Adidas, Nike is one of the most popular brands in sportswear in the world. They are also very well known for their extensive ranges of advanced footwear and sneakers, as well as their sports-inspired apparel and accessories.
One of the most famous football players in the world, Cristiano Renaldo has signed a lifetime ambassador contract with the American brand, which makes this brand a major football-oriented brand. Wherever the world cup goes, Nike will follow.











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